Lynne Herbert, LPC

The Attachment Center of Central Oregon



People call Lynne for a variety of reasons....big changes in life, feelings of depression, anxiety, or loneliness, feeling overwhelmed or lost, working through past trauma, or relationship struggles are just some of them.  The need for closeness and connection is universal, and that is perhaps the most common of reasons that clients seek out support from Lynne.  Individuals may come to examine patterns they bring to relationships that continue to challenge them in regard to building healthy partnerships romantically, in their community, and in relation to themselves.  Lynne's work is grounded in mindfulness, presence, attunement, and compassion for self/other.  

For those who are working through trauma or stuck places Lynne may use EMDR, a trauma protocol that has proven effective for many.  Lynne has a style that weaves this intervention with somatic reflection and mindfulness and has been excited about the results she and her clients see.


Lynne no longer sees children, but she always viewed her role in supporting and guiding parents as the most valuable in her work with families. Because of her history in working with children with extreme attachment issues, Lynne continues to work with parents who are parenting children who are challenged to connect.  She helps support parents with empathy, compassion, and without judgement.....something she tries to model for parents, for them to pass along as they work with their children.  


Lynne works with couples, but more frequently she works with individuals in collaboration with their couple's therapist.  In this way, she helps clients to look at what their challenges are in stepping fully into partnership and how to address those challenges so that they can find more openness, connection, security, and joy in relationship.