​An Inquiry into your own dance with the world

Lynne Herbert, LPC

The Attachment Center of Central Oregon

A big component of my self care to support my work as a psychotherapist has been movement.  This has included being active outdoors and playing, but also exploring the practice of conscious dance.  I've been involved in learning from various schools for many years now and recently began a deeper dive into Soul Motion®, with whom I started a yearlong Embodied Leadership program in 2020.  As the world took some surprising and challenging turns, I created a deck of Dance Cards.  My intention with these cards was to provide me with a daily practice to maintain attention to the concepts, philosophy, and practice of  Soul Motion®  in my daily life.

I have always kept a few tarot-like card decks on the coffee table (and in the office)....occasionally pulling a card to offer something to reflect upon, a message to bring a theme of noticing to my day.  I wanted a deck that echoed the teachings of  Soul Motion® , to bring this philosophy into focus each day.  It was this hope that had me embark upon the creation of a deck of Dance Cards.  And, it is my honor to be able to share these with you!

Dance Cards were influenced by the original dance cards, from the 18th and 19th century.  These were used by a woman to record the names of the gentlemen with whom she intended to dance each successive dance at a formal ball.

This Soul Motion-inspired deck of 50 cards serves a similar purpose....you may choose one at random or look for one that has a message that resonates with you.  You'll have to discover how these cards will be most beneficial....whether you chose one before an actual dance, notice your metaphorical dance with the inquiry on a card each day, or use them for a prompt for reflection, discussion, or journaling.  These cards will be yours to play with and develop your own practice around.  

 The images on this page are included in the photographs that comprise one side of the deck.  The second side is the inquiry.  Examples include:   

"Surrender.  Is there a way for you to dance with this today?  A way to let go of some of the plan, to allow something else to unfold without you being in the driver's seat.  The dance of letting go....notice where there's space to take your hands off the wheel."

"How do you inhabit the space in which you live?  Your home, your neighborhood, your community?  Is your critic at play, identifying the likes/dislikes or the good/bad?  See if you can fully step into your space....your immediate as well as larger space.  Embrace it all and dance with it all."

Decks are $25/each, including home delivery in Bend or mailing to wherever you call home.  To order, please email me at soulinmotionbend@gmail.com with your address.  Payment can be made via credit card, Venmo or check.....I'll give all the details in my return response.

And....if you're game.....send some feedback.  Let me know how your experience these in your world. Let me know if they change your dance, your day, or your awareness.  I'm excited to send them out for the world and I want to watch the ripple they create! 

To learn more about my work with dance, see:  soulinmotionbend.com
To learn more about  Soul Motion® , see:  soulmotion.com