Attachment and Philosophy

I'm still putting my thoughts together on the re-write of this section.  I've melded many different philosophies and approaches to create something that is my own.  Although I have a strong grounding in Attachment Theory, I have grown a great deal.  Once again, each client is an individual, and my work is tailored with them to meet their needs.  Below are some links that give some insight into what my work entails.  The links include information on people from whom I have learned a great deal, who are definitely reflected in my presence in the therapy room.  I'll write this a bit more coherently soon!

I originally trained under Daniel Hughes, PhD, who developed Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. More information on that approach can be found at: or or

Some basic information about attachment (in adults):

I often refer people to Tara Brach to help them with mindfulness, self compassion, loving kindness, and to provide them with audio talks and meditations.  You can find more info on her at:

I'm also a big proponent and fan of:

David Richo (How to be an Adult in Relationships, Daring to Trust):

Charlotte Kasl (If the Buddha Married, If the Buddha Dated, If the Buddha had Kids):

Brene Brown (The Gifts of Imperfection):

Dan Siegel, PhD (anything by him is worth reading!):

and, one more time, Daniel Hughes, PhD:

Lynne Herbert, LPC

The Attachment Center of Central Oregon